How to Recycle Removed Trees

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Since a lot of homeowners are becoming more and more concerned about the surroundings, a lot of them are looking to recycle removed trees. You have probably invested a lot of money and time into your trees. Unfortunately, they will still die eventually and you will have to remove them.  

However, before you hire an Imperial tree removal service, here are several things you should know about recycling removed trees.  

Things to Know when Recycling Removed Trees 

First, you’ll have to understand several things if you want to recycle removed trees. As long as the tree is cut before it becomes infested with insects or before it rots, you can recycle it. A crucial thing to keep in mind is that preparing the wood for recycling might not be provided by a tree care company. Thus, you might have to choose to leave the tree on your property for your disposal. You can request if the tree care technician can help cut the tree in a certain way if you’ve got plans already for using the remains of the tree. Unfortunately, this type of request might cost more for the difficulty. The tree care company might even reject cutting the tree as requested for safety concerns.  

Here are several ideas you can follow once you’ve chosen to recycle the tree: 

Donate Recycled Trees to Disposal Centers or Wildlife 

Two organizations that can make great use of your removed trees are your local tree disposal center and wildlife center. They can convert a removed tree into a shelter for squirrels, birds, or other animals. You can also call local officials to have your tree be utilized as both a way to protect fish from predators or a fish feeder if you live near a pond or lake. You can also check with your local composting or disposal center. A lot of other animals or people can make use of your removed tree. 

Use Removed Trees in Designing Landscape 

Incorporate removed trees into your landscaping if you are searching for more appealing ways to use removed trees. For instance, you can create corner posts or fences in the landscape with the removed tree. Walkways made up of either crosscut trunk slices or logs are another great use for removed trees. Live trees can help keep the soil in place and avoid erosion. This adds visual appeal and functionality. Even if you remove a tree, it can still offer ways to improve your landscape’s aesthetics.  

Recycle Trees into Firewood and Mulch 

One of the most common uses of removed trees is by making them into firewood or mulch. Mulch offers moisture and protection to plants and trees. It also lowers weeds. If you are using firewood in your house, you can have a lot of wood by having your removed tree cut into tiny logs. You can then use it for local camping trips or your fire pit. Keep in mind that you should not move firewood from one place to another since it can spread emerald ash borer disease.  

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